Our Goals

Since its creation, in 2009, LEG'HAND attempts to get back shirts and balls dedicated during every national and international competition. Other effects are also carefully stored in the course of the weeks.

Collect nowadays Handball

By "effects", LEG'HAND understands : posters, stickers, autographs, balls, calendars, postcards, pennants, newspapers, books, shirts, magazines, advertising objects, photos, pins, stamps, trophies, waste papers and all which can help to establish the memory of the Handball.

Search the Memory of Handball

RGather the objects which honor the memory of the handball is our priority. So we are in search of former shirts, objects having belonged to respectable handball players and to all which may redraw the history of this sport... We sought clubs, committees, leagues, federations, players themselves, naturally, but also all the private individuals susceptible to get us new effects.

Create a Handball Museum

Later, we would like to present our collection to the uncountable amateurs and so, to constitute a real museum. We sought the French Handball Federation to join the future house of the handball. She answered favorably our request. But the objects which we succeed in getting back can be naturally lent to clubs or organizers of competitions...